This is the page for EventGhost plugins authored and provided by Walter Krambring (krambriw)

Here you will find the latest versions of all plugins I have written for EventGhost. To develop plugins and guarantee quality, various hardware and softwares are used during programming and system testings.

Please note: I am changing the packaging of the plugins to the self-contained .egplugin format. For some of the plugins this has already been made so when you select the specific link below, it might happen that
you only find one .egplugin file. For other plugins, the old style still applies for a while.

This will simplify distribution & installation of plugins. Just download the file and run it. A dialog will be presented where you can confirm the installation. Once the setup has finished, the plugin is available to be added
to your configuration, no need for a restart of EG!

(If you still have an older version of EG, incompatible with the new format, you can open the .egplugin file and extract the files manually using a suitable tool like WinRAR)

As example the below picture shows the setup for the RFXtrx plugin

The following released plugins are available from the links below. Here you have the latest versions.

Current plugins just ready for prime time

Here I publish newly developed, just to be released plugins for various purposes
Under construction